Project Description

Emma’s Exercise
“Elevation/Depression of Shoulder Blades”
AKA “Scap Isolations”
– not that kind of isolation! 😷 This isolation only pertains to isolating your scaps/shoulder blades.

These are fun and challenging! Fun because you are learning something new about your body and challenging because you can’t see what you are doing!

The only part of your body that’s moving are you shoulder blades (hence you are “isolating” your scaps). They are moving, gliding rather, up ⬆️ (elevation) and down⬇️ (depression). That’s it. Sounds easy, right? Be careful though! Other parts of your body will want to move! Like all of them-at first!

There is SO much SPACE to explore with your shoulder blades-between the elevated and depressed positions. Take the time to explore all that space! This is actually helping you to be able to find your neutral scap positioning-which is essential for downdog, planks, push ups, reaching for that top shelf kitchen item, etc.!
That halfway position between up and down? That’s part of your neutral position! You are gaining control of your body. Notice if maybe one scap goes higher than the other? Can you get them to move simultaneously AND one at a time? Does one side feel stiffer than the other?

You have to learn how to keep your scaps in neutral and just move your arms. Practicing the movement of the scaps will give you the awareness you need to have to know if you are in neutral or not. I think this is the most fun and FUNctional because it’s not just for during whatever fitness class or yoga class you are in, it’s for every day living!

I know what I am asking you to do is subtle! But it will not remain subtle with practice. You are building that body awareness up!! Every time you do this you are gaining awareness!

*Make sure you are using your muscles on the BACK of your body around your scaps. It’s very easy to let the front part of your chest (pecs) take over and do all the work.*

I remember the first time my instructor had us do this I wondered why? (😯!) I felt like I couldn’t possibly do it! I didn’t have eyes on the back of my body-I couldn’t figure out what to move let alone what muscles to fire! But, during one session when I was frustrated and told her I couldn’t do it, she handed me a prop. Then she put her hands on my scaps and told me to squeeze.
It was like a light bulb went off! A BIG lightbulb.💡All the sudden I got it and it clicked! Once she placed her hands on where I was to be firing I understood! I was working hard to fire everywhere else around it!

My point is, I can’t wait to get back into the studio with you all and help with your light bulbs! Sometimes you just need that tactile cue and feedback. Keep practicing! You’ve got this! I am always here for any questions about any of this.