Project Description

Emma’s Exercise
“Shoulder Press with Rotating Cactus Arms”

*Use whatever you’ve got at home to add weight to this exercise. If you don’t have anything that’s okay! You can do this exact exercise without anything in your hands! You will still FEEL it!*

Another great arm/shoulder workout that is all about your CORE (p.f. and t.a.)! You can do this in a standing position, squat, balancing, etc. Pick whichever position you can keep your form clean in!

Find your best seated position. Anchor your sitbones. Stack your neutral pelvis and spine right on top. Use your core to find and keep this position.
You will be tempted to lose your alignment as you bring your arms up. Go slow and be hyper aware of what your back and ribcage are doing. Your ribcage will most likely want to move out in front of you and maybe this leads to a little spinal extension (backbend). AVOID that! As well as your second set up shoulders will want to appear. AVOID that too.👍

The shoulder press is a basic move once you get your body awareness down. The rotating cactus arms can be a bit of a brain teaser! That’s a good thing! It’s okay if you are asking what am I actually doing! I want to have you use your body and your brain!🌈

If you are just starting out with reps think “baby steps”! Start with 2 sets of 10 and then slowly begin to bump them up incrementally as long as you are not sacrificing form for reps/sets! You could then add 2 sets of 12, 2 sets of 14, etc. I don’t care how many reps/sets you can do. This is not about reps! Do as many reps as you can keep your form clean. Your form will dictate how many sets and reps you can do. When you start to lose your form-you’re done.💪👏

Have fun practicing!