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Emma’s Exercise
“Standing Bicep Curl”

*Can be done in a chair, kneeling, wall sit,etc. Pick what’s best for your body today*

There are many ways to do a bicep curl. Whatever position you choose make sure you’re in a neutral pelvis and neutral spine.

My standing position is a lot of work. I am equally distributing my weight between my feet. My legs are separated about hip bones distance apart. My ankles, knees and hips are parallel. The arches if my feet are curving away from the mat.

My inner thighs and entire midline are active! I’m hugging my center line without moving my bones. A good way to practice getting your midline active is to put a ball between your knees- either above or below your knees. Then use your inner thighs to squeeze the ball but again, try not to lose your lovely alignment you have created (i.e. try not to move your skeleton to do that-it may have minimal movement but really find your inner thighs to do the hugging/ squeezing). I definitely had to practice doing that before I could stand and fire my inner thighs without anything between them.

I’m working hard to maintain my oblique connection to keep my ribcage in neutral and I’ve got my serratus on to keep my shoulder blades (scaps in neutral).

I’ve got the tops of my thighs (quads) firing to assist my parallel stance and a little lift to the knee caps pointing forward. I do also have my glutes on a smidge (but not to the point where it’s gripping).

Wheh! I’m ‘just’ standing!! This is your mountain pose/tadasana=best standing posture.

Then adding the bicep curl. The only place that is moving on your body is your elbow joints!👍

It’s typical to exhale on the exertion. However, you are working the curl BOTH directions (concentric AND eccentric)! So just coordinate your breath with the movement. You control your muscles! 😊
Go slow and controlled.