Project Description

Emma’s Exercise
“Toe Taps”

This is to ‘test’ your imprint. This exercise will work your deep core! It’s amazing that an exercise so slight can make you feel so much!

The point is NOT to actually tap your toes to the floor! I know, I know! It is the name of the exercise. However, the goal is to find out how stable you are with your legs up in the air-then adding movement later.

How low can you go with your legs in tabletop (TT) WITHOUT losing your imprint and/or turning this into an upper body workout? You should have no movement in your body during the toe taps except the leg that is lowering. You may only be able to keep your form clean and lift ONE leg into TT!! And that’s okay! Pay close attention to your body. Be aware of when you need to back off the movement.

Avoid skipping or sacrificing form to make your movement bigger. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take the time your body needs to achieve the necessary steps.

There are many levels to achieve BEFORE you attempt toe taps. This is the most exciting part(s) of the exercise to me!😁

-Can you maintain your imprint with your legs in the air?

-Can you breathe into your ribs with your legs in TT (tabletop) and not lose your core connection?

-Can you stay out of your upper body (neck in particular and jaw) completely while you’re legs are in TT? YOU SHOULD HAVE ZERO STRAINING IN YOUR NECK. This is about your core!

These questions are far more exciting than actually doing the toe taps!

Until you can master the above questions there is no reason to take it into toe taps.
Really take this one SLOW. Pay close attention to gripping anywhere unnecessarily.

Coordinate your breath with your movement. It takes hyper awareness to figure out what your lowback is doing in this exercise but you are laying deep foundational core moves that are essential in all exercises AND daily life!👍👍👍

Please take the time to notice what position you are in while you are driving. If you don’t drive, notice how you sit in a comfy chair. Is your pelvis in neutral or imprint? I’d love to know! You might be surprised!

Have fun practicing!

*Can’t lie down on your back? No worries! You can do same exercise in a seated position!