Project Description

Emma’s Exercise
“Reverse Lunge Variations”

This is one of my favorite moves! I’m not sure why but I’ve always loved lunges! ❤

⚠️What are you going to do if you have knee concerns? You are going to make your range of motion smaller. This means, when you are bending your knee (front knee and back knee-if you pick that variation), don’t bend beyond what works for your knees. You can do a very tiny bend AND make sure your quads are active and working to lift your knee cap up slightly! Go slow🐌 and track your knees right in line with your feet.⚠️

⚠️Do this by a wall if you are worried about your balance. You can also place a sturdy chair in front of you or beside you. ⚠️

Take inventory of your body while you are lunging. Can you keep your spine in neutral? Can you prevent your hips from rotating or hiking up? Can you keep your core on?

Have fun practicing!