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Emma’s Exercise
“Backbend Prep”[Spinal Extension]

YAY! Finally, t’s time to bend your spine backwards!!
*Be Aware – backbends are very stimulating and uplifting.*

GO SLOW. This is not a full backbend. You are NOT going into upward dog, think more like halfway to sphynx pose).
You are working against GRAVITY here! I would suggest (before you even TRY lifting your ribcage off the mat w/your core and attempting a backbend) to just PRACTICE firing your core in a prone position!!!
That’s it. Just practice firing your pf and ta lying face down. How long can you fire it before you lose it? LIFT your tummy.
Then (again, do not move any part of your skeleton yet!) can your fire your core in a prone (face down) position and then breathe into your gills?
This looks easy (always does) but when you are doing it with every component of proper form-it is not easy.

ALSO – correction –
In the beginning of the video I say your legs are ADducted. They are actually ABducted (slightly separated).

It looks like I am using my hands here. I am not. Try to avoid pressing your hands into the earth. Maintain a light touch.👍
I really mean it when I say to use your core to do the backbend!!😁
Doing this is so slight and subtle but so rewarding! It will make you so strong and only contribute more to the body awareness you’re building!

Other areas to avoid are your glutes. It is a slight firing but they can tend to over fire. Observe and be aware of what your glutes are doing while you’re in your backbend.
Take the time to body scan and check in.
Keep your NECK happy and fire mid fibers of your traps (this amazing muscle is right around your bra line). Tension can tend to gather and collect around the neck.

You are lifting and LOWERING your ribcage and chest off the floor with control. This is spinal articulation as well! But in a backbend!!!

Have fun practicing and ask questions!