Project Description

Emma’s Exercise
“Four Point Kneeling Prep”

⚠️ If your doctor has advised you to not be on your wrists, do not do this. You may try on your forearms-if you do not have shoulder issues 😀⚠️

Are you ready to take your work from the wall to the ground? This exercise is a great way to test yourself! It is all about stability in your core and shoulders AND your body awareness. Many poses like downdog, planks on the ground and push-ups on the ground should not be attempted until this exercise is something you can do.
This 4 point kneeling prep will let you know if you are ready right away!

GO SLOW! The goal is not to see how HIGH your knees float off the floor!
The goal is to see if you can stabilize your ENTIRE body while you float your knees off. Can you float your knees off to a hover and not allow ANY other part of your body to move?

This exercise can LOOK easy but it takes work to keep your pelvis in neutral (TONS of core) and shoulder blades (scaps) in neutral (TONS of serratus and tons of body awareness). It’s not as easy as it looks.😁

Here are a few things to watch out for-

1. Your hips/pelvis will be tempted to rotate! Especially if you have an imbalance in your obliques (waistline). Notice if you tend to rotate more towards your right or more towards your left? Keep practicing while keeping your hips squared. ⏹

2. You might be tempted to sink into your shoulders blades. This is extremely common but easy to remedy. It could mean a number of things but most likely it means you need to practice strengthening your serratus. Which you are doing in every exercise! So keep up the great work! 👏 It may help to think about maintaining a feeling of lightness in your wrists. ☁️

Exercise is progressive. You keep working on it and it keeps building! Every day you move you are working towards building strength and body awareness!