Project Description

Emma’s Exercise

⚠️If you have wrists and/or shoulder concerns and cannot be in this position, please continue at the wall and increase your vector (how far you are away from the wall.⚠️

You may think you don’t need to know how to do a push or that you will never be able to but what if you are playing on the ground with your children or grandchildren and you need to get up? This will teach you how to do it properly AND get you thinking about what is the best way for your body to do that.

This is very FUNctional.🌟 You need to know how to get up from the ground properly. What if you fall? You have to know how to push yourself up safely. And that is called a push up! Please don’t let the name of the exercise be a deterrent to learning this important move.👍

IF you have been practicing at the wall-great! You might be able to move into a 4 point kneeling weight bearing position and still know how to keep your core and serratus on AND keep your spine and pelvis in neutral.

You can always vary the position however you need.